We offer a wide array of junk removal, clean up and moving services throughout the state. Residential trash services and commercial trash service can be done the same day with careful attention to detail. We’re always ready to help out with all your cleaning and moving needs. Give us a call today to set up your New Jersey Trash Services from Trash Masters!

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Junk Removal

Our comprehensive junk removal service handles everything from trash removal to sorting out usable materials and donating them on your behalf. We even provide recycling pickup to keep items from your junk removal project out of the landfill whenever possible. We can work with any type of property from small apartments to large warehouses. If your New Jersey home or business┬áproperty has become overrun with stuff you just don’t need, let us clear it out.

Cash for Scrap Metal

Excess metals don’t have to crowd your storage space or take up your time to have them removed. We’ll come to your home or business and access your materials, then give you cash for scrap metal on the spot. We use magnets to detect the type of ferrous or nonferrous metal you have; we carry scales to weigh it and give you the fair amount of cash for scrap metal. We offer you the convenience of cash for scrap metal without having to haul appliances, large equipment, or perform junk car removal. We come to you and provide your services on the spot.

Moving Services

Across Englewood, across the state or across the country, a move, no matter the distance, can be stressful. Our moving services eases the stress. We will sort through all of your belongings to help you eliminate trash, recyclables and donatable items and only move the stuff you need. Moving services can include all packing materials and thorough clean out services after all of your property is removed. We can also do local same-day moves within the New Jersey area.

Clean Out Services

If you have a room or an entire property that has been overwhelmed with unwanted items, our clean out services can lift that burden. We have a customized checklist that ensures the clean out services rid you of all the excess and leave you with just the things you need. Even if your space looks like a scene out of Hoarders, clean out services will be fast, friendly and thorough. Trash Masters, are just that and masters of New Jersey Trash Services.

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Recycling Pickup

If you are like most New Jerseyans, you are throwing away a lot of trash that could actually be recycled. We offer a variety of custom recycling pickup services. We can arrange for a regular recycling pickup schedule or pick up a load as a one-time service. We’ll handle the things your curbside recycling pickup program won’t like electronics, white goods and more. We can even offer cash for scrap metal.

For residential trash services and commercial trash service in New Jersey please call today at (888) 418-1753.